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About Medicare Compliance
Medicare (CMS) regulations are complex, inconsistent, frequently changing and continuously expanding. Responsible Reporting Entities (RREs) have a Federal statutory obligation to reimburse CMS. Non-compliance carries significant penalties. Medicare is expanding its non-compliance audits, and recently appointed a “Recovery Audit Contractor.” This third party contractor has a huge financial incentive to identify insurance carriers, self-insured companies, public entities, attorneys and Medicare beneficiaries who are not compliant.

Internal processing of Medicare claims is highly disruptive to the processing of the 85%-90% of claims that are not Medicare related. Internal Medicare claims processing is rarely cost efficient. Successfully rebutting Medicare liens requires experience and expertise in dealing with Medicare processing contractors, and dedicated medical, legal and claims resources.




About Flagship Services Group
Flagship is a unique, comprehensive and nationally recognized Medicare compliance services company. It has superb teams of medical, legal and claims professionals, plus extensive electronic processing, transmission and storage resources, required for successful claims analyses, Conditional Payment rebuttals and Medicare Set-Asides (MSAs). Flagship’s clients range from multi-billion dollar P&C carriers and self-insured companies, to TPAs, Captives, public entities, attorneys and other Medicare compliance parties. Flagship’s exclusive focus on Medicare compliance issues delivers the following client benefits: compliance assurance; money & time savings; risks & penalties mitigation; elimination of a major headache and time consuming area for adjusters; acceleration of Medicare claims resolution.




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