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Having the requisite resources is a major factor in redirect ability to go “the extra mile for our clients.” Summarized below are the four primary resources on which Flagship has successfully established its superior performance reputation:



Professional Teams

Flagship’s three professional teams are at the core of the services Flagship delivers.
Medical Team: National network of trained and experienced health care professionals.
Legal Team: In-house team of attorneys with personal injury Liability and Workers’ Compensation expertise.
Claims Team: Experienced in claims analysis, compliance processing and adjusters training.


Medicare Experience & Expertise

Flagship’s management team, and Operations Department, have had extensive experience working directly with Medicare, and have the expertise and insights to effectively deal with the complex and ever-changing CMS regulations.

Flagship Operations Center

Securesecure processing center, with superbly trained and Medicare knowledgeable staff who interact with Medicare, claimants, attorneys and claim adjusters daily.

LumenX® Reporting and Claims Management System

Flagship’s securesecure data storage and transmission system, was built on a widely acclaimed platform that has been nationally recognized for its automated work flow process, comprehensive design and high speed accuracy in reporting and tracking Medicare issues.




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